Monday 20 October 2008

Rember to water your fax machine or it will grow parmesan cheese.........

Yes, the above statement is "Stupid" or "retarded" as some of my classmates refer to it as. I say this line everyday, to a bunch of people at school. I act like a rerard, yes that is the proper pronunciation of that word, all day. People call me weird, stupid, idiot, retard, weirdo, and other stuff. I don't care. I really don't give a flying floobenargen about what they think. To them, my nonsense revolution is acting stupid.

But here, at Illogicopedia that can except the fact that you eat the bleeble sheep. That is what is so great about ?pedia. Some of my friends are like me, but they don't have internet access, or whatever or can't join our beloved website. Which stinks. I would like to thank you, the people of Illogicopedia, the nonsensical encyclopedia anyone can mess up, for the warmth and compassion (not really). But still, thank you all for embracing by brand of revolutionary nonsense, and be proud as you stand, chewing on your burping textbook.

Thank you, Raggle Fraggle King, aka Chewbacca RFK, aka RFK, aka Chewster, aka Conquistador Chewbacca Trombly, aka Justin.

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