Friday 10 October 2008

My first blog entry!

Hi! It only seems like yesterday when it was just Hindleyite on the blog! I've read the blog since I joined in December last year and I've always liked the idea of the wiki having its own blog to update ya with wiki-ongoings. I'm still deciding what my blog column's going to be about... Ideas, anyone?

Just a Few notes:
  • Big Brrother (me) will be choosing contestants for next year in a couple of days. Get bready!
  • I'm thinking up of a Illogipoem, and need some inspiration!
  • Have you noticed that our dutch and french wiki's are dormant? Maybe begging the Dutch Uncyclopedia might do something:).

Get ready for a new blog entry soon!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blog Blade!

    Some responses....

    Well, there's so many things you could write about... what do you think you are good at? Always a good place to start.

    Dutch and French pedias - I haven't stopped over in a while. If I knew those languages I'd be over there more often but yurrsssss, begging is pretty much the way to go. Maybe.