Wednesday 15 October 2008

Testicles Today

Morning all, hope you're all keeping well and looking after your balls. I know I sure am.

I was thinking of doing a thoughts of the week-esque blog entry, but because Firefox started working again on Monday, most of my thoughts in recent times have been centred around the naked female form, which I didn't think would be appropriate for such a blog as this one. ''Z'OMG Think of the children!''

Anyway, I'm not hugely up to date on Illogic current events, but there seems to be a lot of articles coming in, a lot of people entering the Halloween article competition, and a lot of naked ladies on my scree- ....dammit!

I advise you have a good day, unless you can think of a better adjective to undertake than good, or unless it's night time - rendering the possibility of a "good day" implausible for several hours at least.

:''*leaves with trousers around ankles*''

1 comment:

  1. Looking after your balls, eh Balls? Making sure they're emptied regularly, eh? ;p