Sunday 2 August 2009

T3canolis Jump Starts his old wiki

Hey hey, everybody. It's T3canolis here to tell you about something you won't do anything with.

Recentlty, I revisited my old Wikia wiki I made more than a year ago. It is a wiki of made-up words. It was originally called, "The Hidden Dictionary" but Wikia changed the site name to "Neologisms". Though I/we use both titles just go to it here.


So what I was saying.... When I restarted it, I invited my oldest ?pedia friend Readmesoon along for the ride to be a fellow bureaucrat. I then got kinda/sorta active user Mwow513 to be an admin as well. We are really trying to get this to work. I invite you to come and contribute because the site could really need it. Adminship will be given out to certain users (such as, I dunno; ?pedia admins).

So if you could; PLEASE contribute. I don't want the hours I'm putting into this to go to waste.

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