Sunday 30 August 2009

An Apology from T3canolis

This apology is 100% serious and I mean every bit.

So fellow Illogicopedians, I'm here to apologize. To apologize for me putting all of my faith in someone. For expecting someone to care about Illogicopedia like I do.

As you know, I invited my friend in real life Ginonater onto the site. He wrote a few articles that I thought were funny so I nominated him for Illogicopedian of the Month because I expected him, like I did when I got nominated, to continue writing and improve his writings.

Of course he didn't. He stopped caring about Illogicopedia. The main reason why I'm friends with him is the reason I have to apologize. It's because he just doesn't care about Illogicopedia. I know if he tried he'd have a million features but he doesn't. He doesn't understand how much I was hoping he'd do good.

Hopefully I can convince him to care but how do you convince someone to care about something there really isn't a reason to care about?

So I, T3canolis, apologize for single handedly giving the most undeserving Illogicopedian of the Month award to someone. I'm not saying you should vote against him because hopefully him winning will rejuvinate his involvement in Illogicopedia.

So I'm sorry for taking the award away from someone who deserves it. If you really want to make a difference, bombard his talk page with messages on how he should come back.

I thought this through for awhile and this is T3canolis, saying sorry.


  1. I hope you do know that Apathy can't win.

  2. apathy will and shall win!

  3. Um.... is this an endorsement for Apathy at IOTM, then?

  4. Anon says have you actually read G's articles, they are, well, crap.

    Anon has mused on your apology and considers the thumb screws.

  5. anon is schizophrenic

  6. now holy hat, 'oos stealing my identity?

  7. NOOOOO, they is stealing mah anonymity!