Monday 24 August 2009


OMG! Illogicopedia and the other languages are down. It is an attack of Wikipedians... Nooooo!!! Help me! Illogicopedia is my therapy, don't take it from me... Nohohohooo!! Could it be Wikia?

I'm quite paranoid for the moment because I think Wikia is following me everywhere. A few weeks ago I googled "Artigpedia" (:no) and suddenly the site name
Wikia copied Artigpedia for God's sake! I became very VERY angry. I thought about a few options...
  • Option A: To kill the whole Wikia-Staff and to destroy their servers.
  • Option B: To become an Emo.
  • Option C: To move to Mars.
I thought that none could be any usefull. So I chose option E: to post a comment on a Wikia-Staff member and to ask polite to remove that ugly Wikia-version.

Urrrr... erm... I'm still waiting on an answer.


  1. Sorry for the uncomplete sentences...

  2. Oh, this means war, Wikia! Course, there's little to no chance they will remove the stuff on their server since it's Creative Commons and any old fool could copy it.

    Them barstewards!

  3. PS. I would get to work parodying this but Illogicopedia is still down dammit!

  4. this sucks. i can't acess ?pedia. Some one tell Carl to get his head out of his rump...