Monday 10 August 2009

Engaging with spambots

The ongoing discussion between man and machine over at the Illogicopedia forum is swelling to epic proportions. Before long, it shall surpass even Seppy's talkpage in terms of length and most likely go on to win the Booker Prize for its contribution to human civilisation.

Whilst it is enjoyable, spare a thought for the poor spambots being overworked by their lifeless programming masters to the point where their very screws fall out and rust becomes them.

Remember: these are not humans to which we are accustomed, rather semi-intelligent robotic forum whores the likes of which can usually be seen over at Wikipedia and Wikia. Seems the backdoor at Wikimedia was left open overnight.

Beware spambots/bitches, for they can be dangerous if not handled in the correct manner. I bid you good day Sir/Madam.


  1. ironically, the blogger spam prevention bots identified illogicopedia's weblog as a spamblog :/