Tuesday 25 August 2009

Ten reasons why Illogicopedia is great

Oh, it's ON now, Wikia! To see what sparked this (as if I ever needed a reason), go here.

Illogicopedia is great because...
  1. It isn't a great, fat corporate whore that will do anything for money.
  2. It isn't constantly copying other concepts for its own financial gain.
  3. It doesn't domain squat to suit its own nefarious masterplan.
  4. It hasn't completely sold out to a bug-ridden beta skin.
  5. It cares about the people that use it and not some faceless middle men only interested in the readies.
  6. It isn't bound by legal nonsense and enforced moderation that prevents its administrators from answering queries within, say, two weeks.
  7. It doesn't hate Illogicopedia.
  8. You can get to the forum via the front page.
  9. It doesn't fill half the page with adverts for impotence solutions. (It's got the forum for that)
  10. It isn't Wikia, in other words. But then, you will have gathered that by now.


  1. Hahha, I am aware that this ceased to be a joke a long time ago, but I shall peddle out the same comments every time Wikia cheese us off.

    Yours, The Moaning Yak

    PS. Anyone for creating the spoof website 'We Hate Wikia.com'?

  2. Three cheers for this post!

  3. @everyone:
    Create http://we_hate_wikia.wikia.com/ ! I'll be member!!!

  4. I'm going to do it. I hope i dont get banned. Lol. I will put a link to the request later...