Monday 17 August 2009

School Starting Causes Wave of Inactivity!

With school starting for three of the most active users (Readmesoon, myself, and RFK) the recent changes have dried up.

So my proposal is to make a school course known as "Illoginomitry" where all students do is ?pedia.

This will exempt them from all other classes because it covers all subjects (or at least the teacher, probably Hindleyite, says).

So in reality, this will replace all school with Illogicopedia thus destroying all education and turning all of American children into retarded gang bangers, and lets be honest; we need A LOT more of them.

So down with No Child Left Behind and up with ?pedia!



  1. I'm all for adding Illogic to the curriculum! First task, get your schoolteacher to introduce his/her pupils to wikis by encouraging them to edit Illogicopedia.

  2. I will certenly be active on no-illogico, even after the first of September. Schoooool. Still two years to go. Man, that's not a short period :(

  3. schools don't even know what wikis are. I probaly know more about computers than my old elementary computer teacher