Saturday 4 June 2011

Representing its users and content?

Uncyclopedia's Sophia begins rottening! I'm right: now there is something that represents its rotten humour and users. By the way, maybe the EHEC-bacteria has something to do with it, rearing its head on the Internet. After six years, Sophia (now also already beaten by the Brazíliânhios) suffers under the Wikia-cancer, which has spread its sickness around the articles.

Perhaps you didn't notice yet, but all Uncycs should work normally now. After five days, Carolus Magnus caught Roberto, forced him to eat his beard, and eventually sent him away back to Mexico. Once over the Canadian border he was stopped, the border customs nabbed him on Marihuana, so he couldn't cross over (neither he could stay in Canada). Therefore, he had to bricolate a float, navigate the St. Laurence River down, etc...

And eh... Sony is hacked... yay!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, Roberto is detained once and for all.... we wish. Anyway, I fear Uncyc is too far down the line to break free of the Wikia grip. Only when we emerge the other side of a protracted recession and the powers that be concede to the information revolution we will be free of adverts, poorly formatted web pages and needless web 3.0 crap nobody ever uses. Sigh. I wish it were still 2006. :(