Monday 20 June 2011

The gnomes plotting your death: Real life evidence emerges

It's official: the gnomes are out to get you. Well, if you live in Argentina, anyway. The Sun's exclusive footage would seem to suggest there is a rather creepy creature prowling the streets of the country, startling locals and whipping wildlife into a frenzy. This video, purportedly capturing the feral elf, was shot in 2008:

The very latest pictures of the gnome suggest he's still at large, and seem to back up reports of an elf-like being, known as 'The Shorty Eared One', terrorising the town of Suncho Corral.

This proves to the Illogiblog, once and for all, that the gnomes really are plotting our death. We advise you immediately dispose of all garden gnomes and other such ornaments, for they are likely to come alive and punch you to the ground at any given time. Bcbkye, eat your heart out, for there is a new challenger, and it's pretty bloomin' awesome.

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