Wednesday 22 June 2011

From the Illogiblog archives: This month through the years: June

It's time to go all nostalgic as we take a brief look through the Illogiblog archives (pictured right) to see what we were all up to in the month of June in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

June 2008

The month began with an ode to Does this bus go to Orpington, a prominent 'meme' from the early years of Illogicopedia. Well, it wasn't really as notable at the time, not until Does this bus go to Orpington: The Game was featured on Illogicopedia in 2009.

Both IllogiNews and the blog underwent some format changes, the latter of which followed a semi-successful logo competition won by Robomilk. At the time of writing, the very same 'Underground Sky Blue' theme remains in place at the Illogiblog.

The Illogic Pickle 2.2 was launched, heralding a fervent period of activity before the inevitable visitor drop-off. Illogicopedia wouldn't experience that until July, however, so for now we were revelling in our own squalor.

After a bit of moaning about Wikia and a quick look at some other Wikipedia parody wikis, the month closed with a tribute to Silent Penguin, who became the first entrant into the Illogicopedia Hall of Fame. He remains the only inhabitant of said corridor to this day, suggesting there were ulterior motives behind this award...

June 2009

Illogicopedia played its part in an Uncle Pete featured article, destroying the world in spectacular fashion in Uncyclopedia Brown and Wikipedia Brown...

In politics, some Member of Parliament edited Wikipedia or something, and Jimbo Wales stuck his nose into the 'paid-to-edit' wiki debate. The two articles were 'humorously' brought together in a piece of image juxtaposition that might have made the odd person chuckle. I doubt it, though.

We got a brief update on Illogicopedia's status on 15 June, and oh yeah, Readmesoon became an Illogiblogger. Happy 2nd birthday, dude!

June 2010

The Uncyclopedians staged a mini-invasion. A battle raged over Skype and spilled onto Illogicopedia, where much drama took place... and then we forgot all about it. Probably just as well, really.

The recession began to bite, resulting in a series of painful cuts announced by Lord Testistocles. The long term effects of this are still to be witnessed, though I'm pretty sure somebody pinched my packet of Mini Cheddars from the fridge drawer. That was annoying.

June 2010 also saw the start of the football (soccer) World Cup, which proved a damp squib despite the Illogico World Cup party. Not much interesting happened, and the tournament only served to reinforce the general view that all soccer players are pansies that fall over upon the slightest bit of contact with an opposition player or blade of grass.

June 2011

We took a brief look back upon June of the previous three years. And brings us right up to date with the sentence I am typing right now.

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