Wednesday 13 May 2009

New Users: A Plan (courtesy T3PO)

I think we need new users. I know everyone's like "OMG!! WE NEED TO BE SMALL! DOWN WITH SOCIETY!!" Well I unrespectfully disagree.

We R need new uzers. Invite your friends!

I try but here's an example of my friend's wiki coding skills:

I was going to try to get my good friend on here 'cause he's funny but I don't want him to find out I used part of his band's song as my intro and outro without permission. He'd tell the drummer (who is a DICK) and he'd get pissed at me. But seriously I wish he'd get on because he's friggin' hilarious.

So I say: Invite your friends!

Or, if you're an English 20 something year old computer tech who is an admin for a dumb wiki than branch out on the web! ((Sorry Hindleyak, I hope you take it in good humor :-O))

So yeag!


  1. Meh, I know naff all about computer tech stuphs. And don'tcha think I've been pimping Illogico out at various places, not limited to my blog?


    Best place IMO is Uncyclopedia. Lurk on recent changes, look for new users that might like Illogico and drop them a line on their userpage. Don't spam though!

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  3. More than that, we need to entice back the users who left when the server painfulyl forced it's way through the fan

  4. Should we relaunch the Official Userbase Extending Faction?

  5. I agree. Invite friends. Tell your goldfish. Eat houses.