Sunday 3 May 2009

Nose Collection and some other things courtesy T3PO

Uno: The Nose collection is a GREAT idea. Just add stuff, or even copy stuff that's not in an article (eg. talk page etc.) and put it there. I've already copied all of the current trash articles so if they get deleted or rewritten I'll put 'em there. I've started just coming up with great ideas of things to just document and put into writing on Illogicopedia. So, if you don't want me to come to your house and purposely spill steaming hot coffee on your genitalia than go on it.

Dos: Once again, JOHN JOHNSON! Contribute, god dammit!

Tres: If anyone wants to make or help me make another "Nazi Guide to __________" as in this just ask on my talk page.

Cuatro: Learn spanish

Cinco: My rant on Swine Flu is there: here

Seis: Check out my new epic idea for Illogicopedia's music industry. Please check it out. I've never been this excited over any thing concerning the Internet in my life.

(Warning you probably won't get the following but I just had to put it. By the way, if you do get it that comment below)

Siete: Anyone looking for work should consider the Fighter's Guild. I hear there always looking for new recruits.

--T4PO. I mean T3PO...

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  1. Sounds like a mint idea. Instead of deleting the trash at the end of each month we ought to have a new Nose Collection, a running series of crap a bit like BJAODN. Egad, this sounds good enough for a forum message of some description.