Wednesday 13 May 2009

Unsourced frivolity

Yeah, so some bloke fooled a load of media dudes into thinking a bogus quote he just made up was real. How did he do this? Via our good friend Wikipedia.

So why hasn't Illogicopedia done something similar yet? Why isn't the media clamouring to interview the Illogico bigwigs and plastering Francis E Dec quotes all over the papers? Because Wikipedia is what everyone cares about.

What we need is a huuuuge prank or event so good that the Wikipedia community would be completely hoodwinked. Of course we all know that if something is on Wikipedia long enough, then it is accepted as fact. Truth. Please remember this as you write your brilliantly sourced, non-AFD Wikipedia articles in the name of illogicality.


  1. You're a right /good/ blogger :P Keep it up man, wigan are winning i believe - Testes

  2. Spoke too soon

  3. my bad again