Wednesday 20 May 2009

Illogi Classics - #22, Is

Illogiblog's longest running series returns with the latest instalment of the Illogi Classics series. This month, we're up to the twenty second hidden gem buried within the depths of the Illogicopedia.

Illogicopedia usually stays away from philosophy. When it does address such weighty subjects, it sets out to do so in a suitably crazy manner, bordering on irrelevance and generally expressing a meh-ness towards the more complex issues of life.

Is breaks this mould, at least in part. However, it did not always: previous revisions of the page did actually have a more illogical nature, but never really had any direction. The current revision, in contrast, is brilliant: the epitome of the short and sweet article, it is an occasion on which repetition works without coming across as stupid or childish.

If we were to replace the Wikipedia article on 'is' with Illogicopedia's, would anyone notice the difference? After all, it's entirely factual, and expresses what is is in as succinct a manner possible: "Is is is."

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