Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Laboratory Animals Day!

On behalf of the Illogiblog, I wish you a very happy International Chocolate Egg Eating Day. Hope you don't scoff too much and get sick, because Francis Winkler has been getting enough for all of us.

Sorry for the Uncyclopedia in-joke there, but you do tend to wander 'over there' when Illogico is experiencing its annual server blip. Speaking of which, it seems some functionality is trickling back to the site, which I can somehow get to work - sort of. I can't save or preview edits with signatures, indicating a database update of some sort. Hang tight, mainly because it'd be stupid to hang loose at times like these.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, today is also the World Day for Laboratory Animals, so spare a piece of your chocolate if you encounter such a beast. Actually don't, as it may kill them - choccy is poisonous to some animals. So, only give it chocolate if it threatens to bite your arm off, or eat your sandwich or something. Blasted sandwich scroungers.

Until next time, stay happy and keep eating that lard. Incidentally, the Lard Information Council, which commissioned the poster to the right, continues to this day in the form of the Anti-Weight Watchers Association (AWWA). They organise secret underground 24-hour lard eating contests and other unsavoury activities your mother warned you about, so watch out for them in your area.

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  1. I thought it was Weasel Stomping Day. Apparently I got my holidays mixed! So very sorry, weasels!!