Wednesday 6 April 2011

WP:DAFT, a little bit of craziness in a world of sanity

Some time ago, the super serious types at Wikipedia issued a ban on 'humorous' content. Anything mildly interesting was promptly removed or branded 'silly' and brushed into a corner with the other babbling fools whose sensibilities don't exactly fit with the site's 'facts-only' ethics. Pah, the madness of such actions cannot be quantified by words alone! Hence, I have prepared a 30-minute dance routine entitled 'Wikipedia, why u no like teh jokes?'

...But seriously.

Cries of 'you used to be cool, man' are not entirely justified, however. You cannot accuse the Free Encyclopedia™ of undergoing a complete humorectomy, for there is the odd page which remains as evidence of a former, less serious Wikipedia.

It is something of a minor miracle, but Deleted Articles with Freaky Titles, a collection of pages with silly names (duh) has yet to bite the dust. I'm not sure whether we should all rejoice in this fact or let out an enthusiastic 'meh' en masse, but it certainly provides Illogicopedia's Articles for Creation with an almost unlimited source of fuel with which to keep the fire of insanity burning. Again, I dunno if this a good thing or not, but it sure is interesting. To some.

Graduates of the DAFT-Illogico AFC alliance, whilst not exactly numerous, at least provide some mirth to the people that created them. MASSIVE TRAFFIC CONE SHAPED ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE is one excellent example, whilst A better Wikipedia simply redirects to the page about Illogicopedia. Mildly amusing, no? Paper- the fat free chocolate and Poorly built rocket bus also stick out, but we've yet to see alumni of this far from notable university hit the front page. However, one feels it is only a matter of time.

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