Thursday 11 August 2011

Has Uncle Pete hit rock bottom?

After Uncyclopedia's Forest Fire Week 2011, Nerd42 and Kevillips tied for the petaQ'a'pedia logo contest and the discovery of Cheeses, you'd think there couldn't be any more controversies. But then again...

It seems that Uncyclopedia, ?pedia's well-known competitor, has had an error that made all of the pages look like plain old HTML. Not at all like Wikipedia's new look, which is obviously what they wanted it to look like.

Well, we at ?pedia say go get 'em! Anything that takes the heat off of us and Roberto, Roberta, or whoeverthehellheis is awesome. (Plus I'm still mad at them for huffing all my articles in the Forest Fire Week 2011.)

That reminds me: did you know that Encyclop
├Ždia Dramatica is lower than ever?


  1. I think we had that problem at some point and inevitably blamed it on Roberto, as we usually do when something goes wrong. Could Bob be devoting a good chunk of his free time to defacing Uncle Pete now? Wouldn't be surprised.

  2. Their latest internal paper reports users old and new are leaving in droves.