Tuesday 2 August 2011

A personal note to Roberto

Oh, you're leading us a merry chase indeed,  Roberto!  We've caught on to your trick, leaving false tracks with your cute little "kitty geta".  Know this, arch-foe... Illogicopedia Special Forces, among them myself, The Bard, a certain Yak, Carl from next door and something over 41 Nerds are in hot pursuit.

And when we catch you, boy, you'll only wish we'd waterboard you.  Among our band is a specialist in 88 types of urethra-based tortures.  Oh, we have plans for you, Roberto.  Be very afraid.

Unless... you let me upload pictures again.


  1. Solidarity, brother. He doesn't stand a chance against.

  2. This afternoon, I shall board a plane to Texas and purchase a shotgun. I will proceed to exterminate Roberto, sending Illogicopedia into raptures... for five minutes, before we realise it's no good. He has 15 clones ready to take his place should he be executed.