Sunday 21 August 2011

Celebrating the Holy Festival of 5 Bananas

Simply as a matter of convenience, the reunleashing of the IllogiTurtles took place this morning, Eastern Standard Time.  Careening dangerously around corners in their modified golf cart of vengeance, this didactic duo promulgates the Word that is... Illogic (eeble sonk). According to the Book Of All That Be Banana, today is the Holy Festival of 5 Bananas, and we will celebrate accordingly.

First, let me warn readers that they should not approach these messengers from the beyond casually, or at all, if possible.  They can do horrible things with bananas... horrible! 

Secondly, once you start eating the bananas, do not stop until you have consumed 5, or a multiple of 5. Otherwise, Bonjook will be displeased, and will dispatch a minotaur to decapitate your family. 

That's it, then. Happy Holy Feast of 5 Bananas and we'll speak again during Retractable Landing Gear week.


  1. I like how they spelled out the word 'five' as if we didn't know. And without a capital letter, too.

    Oh, wait, is that a kids' book?

  2. Harry: we have some serious business to attend... an official IllogiFaith, or something vaguely along those lines... I've already adopted a new monkier... Monsignor Peaches. For a Yack, I'd say Pastor Sexy Mama, perhaps... or maybe something like Arch-hierophant Thelonius Arbuckle.