Sunday 9 November 2008

I'm back

Hi folks. It is me, Ragglefraggleking. I have took a break from Illogiblogging but know I shall be back! Okey dokey. Here's today's splash of Bathroom Genie!

Hi. It seems Illogia is finally free of the fish killing funky chunky monkey eating flabber farted Wikia. Whew! YEY! I like pie.

So, there have been a number (elevnty four) "bugs" (ew) occurring on the new wiki (both .com &.org). They have ranged from error messages, to forums not working, to internal Mediawiki errors. Sometimes it won't let you edit. But, rest assured. ?pedia is home now. And for the most part, works. So let's all give a big "Kookoochuru!" for the Illogicopedia!!!!

Next time on Bathroom Genie:
Will the pencil sharpeners eat BOB?


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