Saturday 15 November 2008

Indie-logicopedia updatification

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, it can't possibly have escaped your attention that Illogicopedia is going through some biiiig changes. We haven't 'officially' completed the move to the new servers yet as there are one or two images that still need to imported, in an ideal world. In addition, there are a few users that have yet to find the new wiki, so we intend to keep open for a while.

I must say Wikia are being co-operative with this area of things, despite the anger currently being expressed in the Illogicopedia chatroom. Their representatives, though typically blunt, are being very helpful to the departing community. The ball's pretty much in their court when we leave: their plans for the future of the old Illogic are as yet undecided. Will it be renamed to 'Wackypedia'? Will the new community decide to delete a bunch of Illogicopedia-related articles? Will a new community move in at all? Keep your eyes peeled to see what happens to your content when we announce the move - probably in the form of some sort of email or post in the Wikia forum.

Personally, if Wikia plan to keep their wiki open long term, I object to my content being held there any longer but since they aren't legally obliged to delete it it's likely to remain in place. What can I do, eh? I'm screwed on that. I have a small amount of rights to the content under the GFDL... I should have read that blasted license when we joined, not when we decided to relicense Illogicopedia's content just a few days ago. However, I shall move on as this post is descending into personal views and, well, is starting to resemble a, er, blog post of some description.

Of course, you are free to suggest your input for the rebranded Wikia ?pedia at the appropriate places on the intah-net, or even on the back of Corn Flakes packets. Or, maybe at your local biscuit factory? Wherever you feel like it, really. Careful, though, because I hear walls have ears...

AID EPOC ILLOGI - Phrubub Nose the Cheese.

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