Thursday 20 November 2008

Top five million!

The Illogiblog is, in fact, one of the top five million most visited websites on the Internet right now. That is, according to Alexa Traffic Rankings, where it seems the blog has jumped nearly three million places in the last three months. This is all down to you, the Illogiblog readers, so I extend a hearty thanks to every single one of you. Next stop, number one (million).

Incidentally, itself is actually in the top six million but I expect it to overtake the blog in terms of traffic rank very soon.

Illogiblog visitors map as of 20/11/08

Recently you may have noticed I've stuck a traffic stats bar which tracks visitors on the left hand side there. You can opt out of it if you like by selecting 'options' - I urge you not to, though, because it provides some useful information about exactly who's visiting the blog. The above map gives an indication of traffic in the last week, but I reckon it'll start filling up given time.

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