Tuesday 25 November 2008

The fate of the old wiki

Warning: this post contains links to W*kia websites

A discussion is currently taking place over at the old W*kia Illogicopedia as to what you think should happen to it. We urge you to have your say on this matter because, as you can imagine, it's pretty important. Well, I stopped eating my Micro Pizza just to edit it anyway.

So, stick your two-penneth worth in there and we'll hopefully be able to strike some sort of amicable deal with our former Overlords.

To the Ratmobile! I mean, er, the forum topic.

In slightly related news, Uncyclopedia are in continued negotiation with W*kia as to what they're gonna do about the domain name situation. It's all top secret behind the scenes stuff at the moment, but a progress update is imminent.

Stay tuned, because I think QI is starting in a minute.


  1. I will comment there as soon as I'm unbanned.

  2. I will unblock you "on the proviso you don't revert his edits anymore and besides, you would like to comment in the forum". Might help speed things up a bit.

  3. I just checked, your block has now run out. Yeah, I don't agree with Kyle's actions either, but what can you do? It's W*kia and they can crush you like a paper cup.