Friday 7 November 2008

Illogicopedia is in transition - important news!

Well, it's taken... how many months? But the Illogicopedia independence drive has finally pushed forward apace this week. Carlb, owner of servers hosting the Uncyclopedia babel project, has generously donated webspace for Illogicopedia to set up independently of Wikia. The English, French and Dutch Illogicopedias are now kindly hosted by Mr Carl at the following addresses:
Not everything is going smoothly yet though - many images still need to be uploaded, but we're working on it. Also, you will need to re-register under your old name. You can register under a new name, but you will lose all your old edits.

Expect the next month or so to be the hectic time we expected, with the transition taking place from to We're in the process of moving images, edits etc. to the new wiki BUT... and this is a big butt.... ahem... some of the edits may be lost. For this reason, it'll be a case of locating those lost edits and moving them to the new wiki. Please don't try and copy the edits across yourself, the admins will do it for you if you ask them.

The address will still work but direct you to the new wiki. And this is pretty much all you need to know for now! We ask you to make edits to the new wiki rather than the old one as it is phased out.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Wikia seem to like 'hanging on' to their old wikis - it may be a long, drawn out process whereby they refuse to close the Wikia (judging by precedent) for ages, the wiki going stagnant and dying a death. We won't let them run the wiki concurrently, we'll try and get it shut down. But not right away, we've got some work to do yet.



  1. HOORAY!!! WERE GOING!!! This is probably the best thing thats happened to this wiki in ages. I'm gonna seriously think about coming back now.

    Good work!

  2. /me would also like to point out that points there, which is intrinsicly better for absolutly no other reason than that we pay actually pay for it :P

  3. Yep, it will stay the main address. Makes more sense really, seeing as Wikipedia, Uncyc etc. all use the .org domain name.

    Aid Epoc Igolli.