Saturday 29 November 2008

Its the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Apocopedia is having somewhat of a revival. The format of writing about any given situation that will end in the destruction of the world (or worse mankind) Is pretty cool and as global warming hots up we need to ask ourselves as human beings, will the constant networking of our civilization eventually lead to our demise?

In other words, as our society is more interlinked than ever, with the Internet and other communication systems then ain't we more vulnerable? Not just to hackers but... er. Anyway. If you'd watched the opening bits of Threads then you'd understand.

I want Apocopedia to portray potential catastrophes in the most realistic way possible. Even if you are about to write a zombie apocalypse then you need to asses how countries would react.
Crap, this IS a rant.

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  1. Hi Bob, sorry I never replied to your comments on my userpage, I read it last night but forgot to reply to them today. Anyway, I like the idea of Apocopedia, which is slowly becoming more like science fact than fiction. Ooh, that's a horrible cliché isn't it...

    Nice Photoshop [thumbs up]