Monday 22 December 2008

Featured website: Retro Yakking

Editor's note: Yes, this is one of my sites. So what? I thought it was about time I rolled out the old backup plan when featured websites were thin on the ground. Nonetheless...

Complaining is a secret pleasure of many people. Let's face it - we all love the odd grumble once every so often because it is cathartic to some degree. Never mind that now, though, because there are pies to be had!

Retro Yakking is a general humour blog based on the complaints of one man on a crusade to "spread the anti-love". It revolves around the culture of the complaint, but there's a bunch of other strange, bizarre and downright annoying weird stuff in there too. Verrrrry Illogicopedian in style and another brilliant vehicle to pimp ?pedia on the Internet. Chyeah.

Do you have a website you would like to be featured on the Illogiblog? Contact me and I'll gladly do a post for you.


  1. pah, you whoring your own blog, face facts, nobody reads blogs. Everyone writes them, storing their inane dribble on the internet. :P

  2. Retro Yakking is dead. Don't try and follow that link or you may die.