Sunday 21 December 2008

2008: A Retrospective - Retro Week

For one week in January, Illogicopedia went back to its roots for a celebration of the wiki's first birthday. Retro week saw the reopening of the old Proboards forum and Editthis wiki as users were invited to contribute to both once more.

On the whole, the experiment was something of a success: a bunch of pages created at Editthis were so good they were ported to the main wiki whilst the rest went to create a super-article commemorating the grand day out.

The old forum was given a lick of mellow yellow paint and saw a few contributions from older users but was, according to Silent Penguin, largely a failure. However it was a cool experiment and brought back memories of a time when the community was everything, a time when the forum was more regularly contributed to than the wiki itself. Hard to think of it now, but in the early days of Illogicopedia most articles came out of discussions and general craziness in the Proboards forum. Remnants can be seen throughout the wiki forum, with 'Ask a silly question' continuing to thrive; it even garnered an Illogicopedia Classics post on this blog.

The subject of the old forum came into prominence twice more during 2008: once during passing conversation about how to revive the community spirit and again when one user, unaware of the old one, suggested we create a new forum external to the wiki.

Nowadays, the Editthis wiki has fallen into obscurity, languishing at the second-rate wikifarm. The Proboards forum is also inactive: both are currently locked with no plans to reopen them - that chapter in Illogicopedia's history is firmly closed.

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