Wednesday 10 December 2008

Thoughts of the Week (Dec 10)

Another mad, mad week with lots going on. But first, an update on last week's thoughts...

The Browse page is now expandified to include some mint formatting I nicked from Wikipedia (good old Uncle W). See this post for more info on that. Elsewhere, the Userbase Extending Faction now includes a bunch more links for people to click, and Anorak's Corner IllogiMeta has been launched. Check 'em out if you feel so inclined, but beware of hostile fnurdles.

The headlines this week... (dun dun dun, Big Ben bongs)
  • Wikia seems ready to negotiate. KyleH has been strangely absent of late but came back a couple of days ago with a compromise that some users have already expressed their satisfaction with. Please, get your butt down there and chip into the discussion!
  • Illogicopedia hits the magical two million mark at Alexa... well, we need something to cling onto in these cold winter months. Yes, Illogicopedia's World Domination is at hand... Mwhahahaah.
  • The Article Improvement Drive (Oh no, not that again...) is bubbling like a jacuzzi on the lowest setting at the moment. Some articles have been cleaned out, whilst the ongoing process of tagging forges ahead. Oh yeah, if I ever delete an article in error, don't be afraid to tell me about it. Call it Uncle Pete syndrome, but often your mouse pointer hovers over that deletion button....
  • Aaaand a nice, pleasant note on which to finish. Some of the guys at the Christmas Specials Wikia have compiled their top ten best and worst Christmas special television shows of all time. Worth a look, even if there's not a single British programme on there...
Once again, I bid you farewell and hope you aren't too disconcerted with the politics flying around Illogicopedia at the moment. See you soon, and stay sober drunk.


  1. has been down all today, and so has unmeta! They won't load and eventuall error 404.
    Is this me or is there a server problem

  2. I haven't been on today, been at a Chinese restaurant instead.