Tuesday 23 December 2008

2008: A Retrospective - Illogicopedian of the Month

In 2007, Illogicopedia administrator Testicles took it upon himself to bring some sort of quality and direction to the wiki. He continued this into the early part of 2008 with some suggestions to improve Illogicopedia in general. Not much of his suggestions would affect the wiki in a large way, but comments about Illogicopedia's user prize, Writer of the Month, would lead to a changing of the guard in the way the award was structured.

In a move to give greater prominence to the prize, it was rebranded Illogicopedian of the Month and users could now win the award more than once; HelloolleH would be the first person to do this in March 2008. Whilst some past winners have since been nominated, notably Testostereich in Yoon, for the monthly prize, no other user has yet to achieve this feat.

Serpeniver's contest was one of the closest for a while, with Some WHAT? triumphing by one measly vote. Rumblings over the voting system emerged as the "multiple votes for admins/Phantoms" rule was reinserted as a reminder for the Octodest competition with voters actively making use of this. However this seemed to highlight an archaic rule that needed to be changed, and subsequently it was - all users, regardless of rank, now had exactly one vote each.

A renewed vigour seemed to refresh IOTM voting until the year's end, with a string of competitive contests seeing a return for the good old fashioned Illogicopedian of the Month slug out, petering out in a tame December. What do you expect, though? It's Chrimbo.

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