Saturday 20 December 2008

Thoughts of the Week (Dec 20)

Hey hey, kids! It's the Illogiblog thoughts o't' week again, brought to you by Illogicopedia's very own moaning Northerner, the Yak. Let's see what Santy's got in store for you this Chrimbo week on th'blog.
  • The Christmas Rockin' Article Pursuit is taking off now, with at least four entries guaranteed. There's still time to enter - get your entries in before 12PM UST on 22nd December and you'll be in with a shout of making the coveted Christmas Day feature!
  • As you will have noticed from the previous post, the old Illogicopedia has been renamed Wackypedia. The whole case isn't completely closed yet but at least, for now, we can all get on with actually improving the Illogicopedia instead of bickering with Wikia dudes.
  • The front page has been tweaked a bit based on some improvements suggested by Ben. Looking a bit better now and it certainly helps differentiate between us and Wikia. Noodles!
  • Illogicopedia has now broken into the top 1.9 million sites on Alexa. Not massively significant, but news nonetheless.
  • Things were a bit barren a few days ago but it seems activity around recent changes has picked up once more as people have broken up for Christmas. You know what that means? More time for surfing ?pedia!
  • I just earned seven dollars fourteen cents this week for doing next to nothing. Yeah, I signed up to a paid blogging service, so there's now another blog on the net to spread Illogicopedia propaganda and improve its Google Rank! I urge you to do the same and do your bit for Illogic. AID EPOC IGOLLI! Also, watch out for a featured website post whoring for my newest propaganda tool. Minted.
Phew. So that's what's happening around the Illogicopedian house this festive period. Altogether now: "Christmas my arse!"

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