Monday 1 December 2008

The BJAODN never ends

You may remember I mentioned, where deleted Wikipedia howlers live on, in a recent post. Well, I'm pleased to say they back our campaign to spread the word about Wikia. A massive shout out to the guys guy over there - cheers!

And while we're on it, let's have a bit more BJOADN, shall we? Why the hell not. Remember, these are reproduced verbatim under the GFDL license, so watch out or the GNU will get you.
  • RoboCop is programmed to follow four prime directives; serve the public trust; protect the innocent; uphold the law; get his freak on. ''It's true! I saw him on the Citroen adverts!''
  • Ha ha ha is a phrase used by individuals of Uberhuman origin. It has innumerable different uses, each of which expresses a complex of interwoven nuances, and is therefore often found to be difficult to comprehend by the Weaker Ones. One of the rather simplistic interpretations offered by acclaimed Uberhuman scientist Aybabtu Ownage translates it as: "If you are reading this then you just got owned."
  • Volkswagen is a type of car built in Germany. Hitler drove Volkswagens. That is all.
  • In 2025 the penguin invasion will beguin its conquest over the known world. The invasion will last about 38 days. Almost all of the human population will die out only about 13% of the origional population will survive. The remaining humans will be in scattered military bases around Russia. The origional start of the campain is 2018 when Germany (out of fear)sends the penguins
  • This deleted article.
  • There are no non-flammable monkeys. All monkeys are flammable in some way shape or form. If you cannot get a monkey on fire, you are not trying hard enough.
Finally, all this BJAODNing has made me think - what would be Illogicopedia's equivalent? "Good jokes and other deleted non-nonsense"? Might be worth trawling the deletion log for... keep your eyes and bananas peeled.

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