Thursday 11 December 2008

Web outlook - Vol.1

Welcome to the first issue of web outlook! This is a new weekly post (since I don't have one) which is about things outside the beautiful gates of Illogia. I will scout the web with a small torch and a shovel to find the latest web-related newz.
  1. 5 major British broadband companies (including Virgin Media, Sky and talktalk) made internet history when they blocked access to a Wikipedia page. The Internet Watch Foundation added the page to its blacklist due to naked young girl on the article Virgin Killer.
  2. The social networking site Bebo has changed its profile homepage to a 'social inbox', which includes twitter, gmail, ymail and flickr. Most users dislike he change, dubbing it as 'ugly' and 'done on Paint'. Personally I don't like it either.
  3. Google is putting its web browser chrome out of beta mode after only 100 days. Usually companies will hold on to the beta tag for as long as their grubby hands can untill they slip.
  4. Sony have been sued $100,000 (£665,476) by the U.S government for letting people under 13 sign up for their online music service.

Visit the blog Thursday next week for your next update of what's going on around de web!

R.I.P WOOLWORTHS 1909-2008

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