Saturday 11 April 2009

Illogi Classics - #21, Spontaneously Combustible Eggs

What better article to feature on Illogi Classics this Easter than this detailed description of the delightfully versatile spontaneously combustible egg?

And how wonderfully useful it is too, with a wide range of uses from llama destructor to self-defense mechanism in case of mugging. What's more, Bulleyosheibenta! (Read the article and it'll make more sense.)

Distributed at Easter time by Santa, it's not uncommon to find these impromptu rodent exterminators in your stocking when you wake up in the morning, so watch out this Easter Sunday if you value your fingers.

It is a well-known fact that McDonald's use SCEs in their egg McMuffin, which is essentially the cause of the McLibel incident, in reality. You might even say it's the case in an eggshell.

I'm going to go back to playing Pacman now. Happy Easter.

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