Sunday 12 April 2009

Recent Inactivity creates race of Super-Fritzels

That's right, you heard it here first, a lack of updation on this very blog has been directly linked to the creation and large scale mobilisation of a new breed of 70 year-old paedo warriors.

Being both crusty and old, this new army have already had great success in their military campaign, with their blitzkrieg tactics rendering basement defences largely obsolete. Though pest control units have been dispatched to deal with the issue, these efforts have had little effect.

Gordon Brown has blamed their ineffectiveness on leg cramp, acquired from having to constantly stand up on buses as to give up their seats to the elderly pregnant Austrian master race. Gordo's spokesperson had this to say, "Bloody hell, grumpy Scottish git or what? Oh right, the whole Fritzel thing. Hang on, I just wedgied myself getting up, gi' us a second lad, can you pass me that shoe horn? ...... Ok, ripe and ready.

"This report is lame."

The Prime minister wishes to express his grave and succulently chubby concern over the situation, and wishes to reassure the public that ineffective measures will eventually be implemented after an unecessarily chocolatey wait. As for the meantime we plan to focus on more pressing issues, like forcing Jacqui Smith to watch the extended highlights of 2 Girls One Cup, including the masterful post-match analysis of Linekar and Hansen. Good stuff my friend, good stuff. Now leave."

"Bold italic quote extracts."

Though this terrifying new force is all powerful and almost unstoppable, we advise viewers at home not to worry too much. Pamphlets are currently being made on how to adjust to this new sub-terranean paedo epidemic, including ways of benefitting from it.


  1. Well, this was meant for another blog with a distinct lack of ammo, but it's up now so meh

  2. There ain't no ammo in this here gun boy!

    This is rather disturbing news, however... Glad to see you back at the ?blog, Testicles!