Tuesday 28 April 2009

Illogicopedia user spotted in 1988 rave video

It's official: Testostereich is a real party animal. Not content with having all those featured articles and gold stars and such, he's topped it all off by going back in time to appear in a video for some acid house rave in a field somewhere.

See! That's him in the picture on the right!

Illogicopedia users are currently searching for the time machine used. One such contraption was found, but it has been confirmed this is not the one used by Testostereich to perform mysterious, physics-bending time warps.

Where will old TReich turn up next? You decide! Vote now...
  1. Great Wall of China, 1976 Call 0870 1234567
  2. Jupiter, 1084 Call 0870 9876543
  3. The toilet, Yesterday Call a doctor
Calls charged at local rates for local people.

1 comment:

  1. ¬_¬ That's not me, I have much less radio appeal than that mook you dug up