Wednesday 8 April 2009

Whetting your Illogicast appetite

The excitingly good news is that the long-awaited Illogicast #1 is almost complete. It will be available later this week, but for now we shall tease you a bit more... heheheh.

(Right click > Save as to save to hard drive)

Available now on the podcast - Best of Illogicopedia 2007-2008, a compilation of the best stuff from the 'old' Illogicopedia podcast and some audio grabbed from the Illogico YouTube channel as well.

You've probably heard it all before, but that's not all. When I can be bothered, I will be uploading some Illogicast #1 outtakes and special features to the Illogicopedia YouTube channel for your delectation. I actually need to make some visuals for that yet, so don't be surprised if they suck.

But anyway, keep it at Illogiblog for further developments.

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