Friday 24 April 2009

Illogicopedia welcomes its newest Werewolf

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hand together for our newest admin... THE (pictured right, bringing it on down).

This is actually the first administrator to be appointed in a very long time, maybe even a year. Now before you go moaning about how you should have been chosen instead, let me explain the reasoning behind this promotion.

We need fresh meat to chew. Simple as that.

Naw, only joking, though I would beware of an increase in impromptu werewolf attacks. We actually wanted someone else to help out with administrative stuff around the site, namely keeping up to date with the features.

As you may know, Illogic has experienced an upsurge in activity in the last week or so, which coincides with the more frequent featuring of articles. During the first few months of the year there simply were no admins around to keep the site ticking over, hence no IOTM for November and, like, three features in three months.

Hopefully, this won't happen again, and to further combat a repeated staleness we may look to appoint yet another admin further down the line. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Congratulations, THE!


  1. So, uhm, where's the celebratory pie? Cake? Brownies? Nanaimo Squares? Anything?


  2. That has to be the greatest pic of all time. I already downloaded it on my computer! :-)

    BTW: This is T3PO cause that's not my name on