Thursday, 23 April 2009

Illogicopedia microblogging now available in cream!

... by which I mean Illogicopedia is on that Twitter-type thing. Now, I know the large majority of Illogicopedia users aren't into this sort of thing (all very anal stuff), but I shall now attempt to convert you by the power of interpretive dance geek speak!

See that thing all the way at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar? That's got all the latest goings-on at the Twitter thingymajig. An Illogicopedia admin can post a message and you, the readers, can see what they have to say! Cool beans, eh?

Hmm, this isn't going very well, is it? The only reason you're gonna subscribe to it is if you already use Twitter... pah.

Yeah, I know that picture is actually Windows Live Messenger but it's all social networking stuff anyway. Just, like, read the twitter updates every so often.

1 comment:

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