Saturday 9 July 2011

Doctor Who saves Illogicopedia

Roberto, famed demon of the underwiki, has apparently been bested by all-time coolest dude Doctor Who. Yeah, the guy from BBC. I know, I said the same thing! it's an embarrassment, for sure. We Illogipedians came home from work and play today to find these service tags on our front doors.

Luckily, we avoided extermination by not being at home. This clue, however, brings us to the embarrassing part... we were saved by that cosmic weirdo Doctor Who, and now we're all looking a bit silly.


  1. Think it's time to move house. I have a nice holiday home in Kerguelen if you're interested. God knows nobody else is. :P

  2. Holiday place in Desolation, eh? I can grow weed for the scientists who live there, and hunt rabbits. I'll trade you four acres of prime Arkansas acreage, with the blood hounds included. :b