Friday 15 July 2011

Thoughts of the week, July 15, 2011

30. SPRAINTS – Otter dung.

Trying to assume the illogical point of view is not always as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is infinitely more difficult to be consistently illogical than to simply exist in a barren wasteland of fear and collective reality, living with a code of strictest adherence to commonly held ideas of that logic is. An Illogician, one accomplished in the subtle art and science of Illogic, must be able to zoom in, expand out, make tenuous connections and be able to study a problem with the express intent of seeing it in a new light.

In my 40's I studied at University of Nescience, obtaining a Masters degree in Spiritual Reengineering and becoming ordained as a Minister UCTAA. I came away from this experience with a sense of wonder and a profound disgust with people who think they know much of anything at all. This qualifies me as an Illogician of supreme self-importance, and compels me to become the self-appointed chaplain for Illogicopedia and Illogiblog. Once again a legend in my own mind.

Bunnies have been on our minds this week. Horrible bunnies. Horrible bunnies will probably continue to make appearances here, at least for the near future.

Roberto has been a pain in our butts, again.

For better or worse, Illogitoons seems to be back. There are between 3 and 7.62 new comics now published in this venerable publication. Published... huh... interesting word... interesting, interesting, in-ter-res-ting... hmm... sounds funny when you say it with an, "Oh, my! I've just decapitated another warlock!" look on your face. Grunties...

We have a new entry for Illogidictionary. Due to the current sad state of server roberta, it will have to be deposited here in the interest of creating a permanent record.

Aeeble - (Frogreeklish) 1. A term describing the state of being entirely devoid of eeble and or sonk. 2. Used by Ostrogoths as a cry to herald the making of soup from the giblets. 3. An extension to the so-called Hegelian dialectic, aeeble is the term used to proscribe a hegelian dielectric for capacitance into a 7 dimensional Klein bottle.

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