Sunday 24 July 2011

Food that eats you

Maybe scarier than Jaws
So, I went to the Asian market the other day to buy some stuff.  A squirt gun to piss off my cats, some lottery tickets, a basketball and the old Fiat X 1/9 wheels in the window was on my shopping list.  Then I started thinking about food.

I like banjo music a lot, so I grabbed cans randomly in two different aisles.  Most of the stuff was vaguely fish-related, as were a couple of dozen bottles of assorted sauces and magical powders.

So, I get home and unpacked the groceries, separating things by likelihood that I would eat the contents.  Opening cans in order, three in, I came across this vaguely crocodilian face, snapping its jaws and trying to eat me. As excited as I am about an Extended Illogic Pickle, I feel that a reptile jumping from your food, trying to kill and eat you, would make a much more badassed award.  Just sayin'


  1. This stuff is considered a delicacy in parts of Eastern Europe. It's actually rather tasty, and you can utilise the teeth to carry out cola-related experiments. Tasty *and* practical!

  2. Sir Harry, you are a font of disinformation, the likes of which I have never smelt, nor dealt. Cheers!