Thursday 14 July 2011

Roberto the evil Monster Bunny

Egads! Roberto has aligned himself with the ultimate evil force... Monster Bunnies!

His first official act was to censure a recent article on Illogicopedia, How To Mess With An AI Bot's Mind by applying his Cheese Grater of Doom (pictured left) to server roberta in a most undiginified manner. All illusions that Roberto might be a gentleman have been exploded, like cats shot from 155mm howitzer cannons. Even Puerto Ricans are afraid of him.

Bringing his signature submarine sandwich and large fries along for effect, the cutlery-wielding cyber-psychopathic demon, scourge of Medieval Christendom Roberto, showed up this morning at the lobby of Illogia world headquarters demanding equal coverage by some girl with a blue skullcap and snails stapled to her earlobes.

Watch out for Monster Bunnies: The Article, opening next week at an illogical wiki near you.


  1. Roberto is giving me errors reading /dev/sda as of 2000 GMT yesterday and refusing to boot... am presently reinstalling Linux in order to bomb this miscreant piece of hardware with penguin poop.

    Fortunately the database is RAID1 on some other pair of drives, then replicated to sophia in real time, but this is getting annoying.

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles with Roberto. I'm going to have some eggs and linguica for breakfast. I had to put my article "Monster Bunny" on hold until roberta is up again. I'm sure you can tell by the title that it is a crucial piece that must be published ASAP, for the sake of the salvation of all sentient beings.

    Having said that, I feel much better now. Please, by all means, ignore my drivel... get along with your day, forget you even know me... it's really for your own good.

  3. Forget Roberto. I think we ought to raise funds to fight these monster bunnies. I can donate three pickled onions and a Mozart CD free from the Sunday Times which we could auction off.

  4. I agree, this monster bunny thing is driving us all crazy. Still unable to access ?pedia, I find myself in the increasingly smelly position of needing to write a Monster Bunny article.

    CarlB can use the pickled onions to stave off /dev/sda Monster Bunnies, while identified as the Bull Goose User. RAID1 will be mollified by free Mozart. No Australians will be harmed in this production.