Friday 8 July 2011

The Master uses suprise to make his subtle point

Carl Jung discovered synchronicity in a Swiss coal mine. Shortly thereafter, the word "serendipity" was coined by Thomas Jefferson. Which brings me to the convergence of wikiHowl, my consciousness and Apocalypse Wiki. I knew someday Zazen would pay off.

So, this drivel spillage has run off into another wiki. The poor thing had been sitting in a closet, out of mind since 2008, and along comes some internet weirdo covered in guacamole. He decides to contribute to the wiki in the safest way he knows; by declaring that he is child proof and spiritually enlightened. "Yup", he said, "they call me Maury Satori back in Japantown." This is Gruntled's first contribution to a serious wiki.

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