Sunday 24 July 2011

Stop and smell the coffee

We had another successful mission last night.  Across the street by the old hospital parking lot, we put up these fliers in the interest of furthering our illogical agenda.  This morning we went back, and lots of tabs were taken.

In a fantasy life, each of those slips of paper will make it's way into a church or government institution, left to molder and subtly infiltrate the brainpans of innocent and guilty alike.  Some day, we tell ourselves, those so-called normal people will have to take a back seat to the BULL GOOSE LOONY.

It's like an itch you can't burn with a butane plumbers torch.  Nobody expects anything more than obscure references to Igor Stravinsky and his plan to rule Europe and North Africa. 


  1. The pointlessness of such a bill posting surpasses even that of Illogicopedia. As for the government institutions, I believe their sanity has been long since fried by mainstream media and lack of an expense fund. Petty cash? More like pennies.

  2. Pointlessness is next to Smogliness.