Sunday 10 July 2011

What is Illogicopedia's Erdős number?

This question was posed by a Jedi master from Austin, Texas named Howard Pletootie. Here to address this interesting and deep question is Mrs. Sensei Gruntled (left, holding bucket). Her job is to catch the offal that composes the bulk of Illogicopedia's "work".

The good lady replied to this query using stealth e-mail with lasers. She said, "What's an Erdős number?" Well, I thought to myself that surely everybody knows it's the number of bacon strips in a breakfast side dish. The British, being civilized, substitute fish.

In the dark times before actors became state governors (type bonobo) and president, this question could not have been asked openly. Even the developers of ARAPAnet could scarcely imagine a world where such out of the box thinking was encouraged. It might as well be the set of Star Trek, for all the sons and daughters of hippies knew.


  1. Contrary to popular belief, British people are as uncivilised as a horde of raging cannibals after watching Jeremy Kyle. Oh wait, I think they *are* such beasts.

  2. By accusing Brits of being civilized, I was being totally ironic, dude.