Saturday 9 July 2011

Illogicopedia lives!

From the main page at Illogicopedia, approximately three million nanoseconds ago...

Before anyone pisses their pants that ?pedia is back from a coma, please put diapers on, because it's more like a stroke.

Here comes the boring factual part.

As some of you may well be aware, the site is working, but with a reduced feature set. That nasty Roberto error appears whenever you view a page with an embedded image. Since most pages contain images, most of the site is inaccessible.

Temporary measures
  1. Visit the edit page for your signature (most likely located at and revise it so that it does not contain images. This means when you put your signature on a forum page, you won't bin the forum page. Anyone commenting using an image will be given a warning, and then banned if they persist.
  2. Do not comment out images unless the page is very frequently used, such as talk pages. By commenting out images, since otherwise the site will be littered with commented out images when image functionality is restored, impairing the site more permanently, and we sure as hell know you won't be arsed to fix it again.
  3. Continue to use ?pedia freely as per site policy.
  4. Scream in anger whenever you visit a page that contains an image.
  5. Cry yourself to sleep at night. It's how all good artists operate.
  6. Usher in a renaissance where you rely solely on your literary prowess.


  1. Arght-t-t-t!!! my eyeses!!! heh heh

  2. Colonel Sanders10 July 2011 at 23:14

    Dead again.

  3. do realize the logo, which is on EVERY page, is an image and could disrupt the lime-cakes continuum? and that continuum spelled right is a stranger spelling than it spelled wrong?